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EBC Rucker Park Harlem, NY

The Entertainer’s Basketball Classic is the world’s premier street ball basketball league.  The court is located in Harlem, NY and ran by EBC’s CEO and Owner Greg Marius.

“The EBC is always going to be the foundation of streetball leagues. Most tournaments built their tourneys off of us. As far as having the MC running up and down the court, the sponsorship, even how the courts look. We started with the fiberglass, we started with the bleachers.

We also started security searching. Nobody wanted to do that, but our thing is, searching isn’t bad. You don’t have to look over your shoulder, or if you get into an argument nobody is pulling out a gun, or if your children are there you don’t have to worry about anything happening that will put them in danger. And as far as the smoking and drinking, we don’t allow any of that. Because at the end of the day, that’s not what you’re supposed to be in here for anyway.

You want to smoke and drink, you do that after or beforehand, but if you do, make sure you’re not drunk when you get here.

Even how we got the NBA involved. Years ago when the NBA was developing, they noticed that guys were getting beat, so they had to protect what they started. Why would someone pay money to watch a guy when you could come up here and watch for free?

The rules about sanctioning leagues came from that, and as long as the NBA has something to do with it, everything’s cool. Now if a guy gets hurt, they’ll cover it. Before that, if you went up here and got hurt your career was over.

All of that stuff is our legacy.” — Greg Marius


April 1

Signup Begins
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June 12

Private Launch Party
Sunday 8 pm

June 13

Summer League
Kicks Off

June 27

Monday’s at 7pm



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You’ll also be entered to win 2 free tickets to our Private Launch Party, Sunday June 12th, celebrating the Tournament and our ESPN Show that airs every Monday beginning June 27th!


Greg Marius is… Legendary

People think that rappers becoming entrepreneurs and owning their own businesses is new and they have no clue, that it is, indeed, NOT new.

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© EBC Rucker Park
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