We crown the best and the brightest from the '14 campaign


Shooting Guard: Rich Ross- Team 914

Rich Ross, as told by his nickname “40 Light,” is a pure scorer. He always finds the ball whether it is behind the arc or a put back at the basket. His teammates look to him to score, and it comes natural to him. He won’t bring the house down with any spectacular move. If the announcers didn’t keep track of his points, his scoring effort would be quiet. His best game of the season was 55 points against Posse, in which he put up the most points by a player this season. When this 3-point shooting specialist gets hot, it is hard to put out the fire. He will hit consecutive 3’s, get a rest on the bench, come back on the court and do it all over again. Whether he is unguarded, or has a hand in his face, it doesn’t seem to matter for this guy.

Honorable mention: Jeremy Hazell aka Cabbie- Team Ooh-Way 


Small Forward: Anthony Mason Jr. – Team Ooh-Way

Mason Jr. is one of the main reasons Ooh-Way remains undefeated. He is a human highlight reel that will hit jumpers in your face or take you to the basket. His long arms enable him to get steals, and his quickness sends him out in transition for easy hoops.


Power Forward: Kyle Hunt – Team Montana

Hunt without a doubt has been the best big man throughout this EBC season. He is the master of the glass on both ends. He is a finisher at the basket. His hook shot is un-guardable. And last but not least, he is a big man that makes free throws.


Center: Tie between Happy Feet (Team Ooh-Way) and T-Gunz (Sean Bell)

Both of these big men have been getting it done in the paint for their top seeded teams.

Happy Feet is a lover of momentum. Once he gets a ferocious put back, you’ll catch him on the defensive end blocking shots and hurling an accurate pass down court for the easy fast break. He’s also easy to spot, as he is a big fan of wearing bright colored shoes on game days.

T-Gunz is a veteran player on Sean Bell that gets most of his buckets from offensive rebounding. He will body bump you in the paint and earn the ball. His large stature at the core of the Sean Bell defense is a major reason for their success.


Point Guard: TBD

There have been an elite group of point guards at this year’s EBC. Jordan of Team Ooh-Way is great at finding a jumping Anthony Mason Jr. in the paint. “The Problem” of Team 914 will cross you up with his spectacular dribbling skills and definitely make you pay if you step one inch too close. Malik Boothe of Madoff Movement is a crafty and short point guard with a silky three-pointer. His talent was on display recently, when he played like a star with Team Fabolous at the EBC Celebrity Challenge. Branden Frazier and “The General” of Sean Bell do a good job of orchestrating the defense for their squad while also remaining a scoring threat. J-Hi of TNP hustles on both ends of the floor. All of these point guards are made better when their passes lead to assists for buckets. All of these point guards will also likely make the playoffs, where their will to win and lead an offense will be tested. The best of the best remains to be decided.

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Carly is an aspiring sports storyteller and a rising junior in the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. She was captain of the Lady Eagles basketball team in her prime at the Academy of American Studies. She could easily make a team at Rucker if she wanted, but in order not to blow away the competition, she will just report about it.


You got to be kidding me prime time made it to chip and yet we have no one in the all ebc team or honorable mention that's crazy. I guess since we from jersey we don't get recognized


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